Creative Tactics for Software Lead Generation

Creative Tactics for Software Lead Generation

For B2B software companies, great content and a sound SEO strategy are the core of a successful lead generation. within the business world, you're constantly surrounded by competition from every corner. So, it ultimately all boils right down to the proper tactics that you simply use, and therefore the more innovative, the higher .

In this blog post, we are getting to explore creative lead generation tactics for your software business needs.

Influencer Marketing

Granted, this tactic may not be the fastest one to generate leads, but it’s the most effective one for sure. With this one, it will require you to build strong relationships with top influencers, and here’s how you can do this a little faster.

If you see an influencer who can possibly become a good voice for your brand, make an effort to comment and engage in their posts. Be proactive in finding content that the influencer may have created and share it on your own platforms, but don’t forget to tag and credit them so they’ll be notified. The advantage here is that this will serve as your initial contact.

Another way to build good connections with influencers is if you can offer and give them free and/or exclusive usage of your software. Get in contact with them and talk to them about your software works so they’ll be able to maximize their user experience.

Lastly, have a segment where you feature the influencer in a short video where you can have a short interview with them. This builds up both the familiarity and credibility of the influencer to your audience as you keep steadily introducing the influencer to your audience.

Video Solutions

Since you are offering software to your customers, making videos that showcase your software’s special features in a video series. Don’t stop there! Demonstrate to your audience how your software can solve common and even serious problems they might be facing. Remember to make your videos as informative as possible but also entertaining and easy to digest for your potential customers.

Referrals and Reviews

Potential buyers are more likely to become sure buyers when they see previous consumers testify of their good experience with your product and brand before. One can never have too many referrals, and according to Nielsen studies, people are 4 more times likely to purchase a product if they have been referred by a friend or family member. There is also a great opportunity for them to refer your software to a company if the satisfaction rate is high.

In the same vein, reviews from your customers who write their honest opinion to support their decision in purchasing your software are highly effective in raking in new leads. If you already have some customers who left good feedback or customers who are frequently active, consider hosting those on your website and ask your other users through e-mail to leave a review as well.


One of the most successful tools for lead generation is hosting giveaways. Who doesn’t like to win prizes? Giveaways will generate leads via email as they will use their email addresses to sign up for the said event. Not only that, but it will also boost up your social media engagement. However, it comes with a note of caution as well. As great as a giveaway can be for both parties, it can also attract cold leads that don’t convert into sales. So, it’s important to approach this in a smart way.

Be sure that the software and other items you are giving away are what your audience really wants. The entry requirements shouldn’t be too complicated either so it won\t turn your target audience away from entering your giveaway.

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